Supplier Negotiation and Contracting


Pipefy’s Supplier Negotiation and Contracting was designed to help achieve the best contract terms for the organization based on its interests, with reliable suppliers bringing agility to the process related to supplies.

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Template structure

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New Supplier Negotiation

  1. Supplier’s name
  2. Contact’s name
  3. Contact’s email
  4. Contact’s phone
  5. Negotiated product
  6. Expected unit price

Defining terms

  1. Negotiation team
  2. Price per unit limit
  3. Delivery needs
  4. Delivery frequency
  5. Describe the delivery frequency
  6. Submission of offer to potential supplier
  7. Was the offer accepted by the supplier?
    • Yes. Proceed to “Supplier contracting”.
    • No. Proceed to “Negotiation”.


  1. What changes are needed for the deal to be accepted?
  2. Was the deal accepted?
    • Was the deal accepted?
    • No. Proceed to “Archived”.
  3. What was the agreed price?
  4. New product quantity

Supplier contracting

  1. Service start date
  2. Signed contract
  3. Contract terms and conditions
  4. Contract expiration date

Accepted supplier

Rejected supplier

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