Provide first-class employee and candidate experience and secure the best talent with automated HR Processes

Increase HR productivity with no-code automation

Create top-notch digital experiences with self-service HR, scale service delivery and drive costs down with automation and integrations. Show faster and higher ROI with low/no-code workflows and allow your HR team to focus on what matters most: people.

  • Job Opening and Approval
  • Recruiting and Selection
  • Employee Onboarding
  • HR Case Management
  • Remote work access
  • Custom HR Workflows

Keep up with the future of work and be a strategic partner to the business

Pipefy Pipefy

Productivity with no-code automation

Connect Pipefy to your HRIS, ERP and other software to have full control over all employees’ journeys and build a more precise and error-proof workflow.

Pipefy Pipefy

HR integrated from beginning to end

Integrate Pipefy with payroll systems, HCM, ERPs, legacy systems and employee databases, increase savings and let technology do the heavy lifting.

Pipefy Pipefy

Create top-notch self-service HR experiences

Easily build HR self-service apps for request and case management and increase satisfaction for HR service delivery, customizing your own service catalogs and making company documents and policies easily accessible.

Pipefy Pipefy

Digital, fast-to-deploy workflows

Move fast with ready-to-use workflows and empower your HR team to quickly deploy custom solutions with low-code/ no-code app development.

Pipefy Pipefy

High and fast ROI

Get quick time to value with automated workflows that are customizable, easy to deploy and entirely measurable.

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