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Have you ever felt like there’s got to be an easier way to do your job?

If you work in human resources, this may mean a simpler way to organize CVs for an open position, or launching a single channel to communicate among HR, managers and the finance department or it might be a place where you can save all your employee’s documents without creating hundreds of folders on your computer. Come to think of it, it might just be all these things!

We have good news for you! There already is a better way to improve your processes in a systematic, non-wasteful way: the answer is  Lean methodology. Pipefy can walk you through implementing this methodology in your HR processes today.

Go Lean!

The Lean methodology can be used in any process and reduces waste by promoting continuous improvement and adding value to the end result – in HR, this means that hiring, paying, developing and even firing employees will be smoother for all involved.

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Do it easier. Do it faster. Do it Lean.

Some ways to Lean up your processes

Find Bottlenecks

Evaluate how long various steps of processes take and start improving them.

Receive Requests

Centralize requests in an easy way, so they’re never forgotten or delayed.

Automate Communication

Automatize emails and use your limited time for more essential operations.

Manage Performance

Keep track of your employees’ skills, so no talent is under or overused.

Complete Checklists

List all the steps you need to follow, so you don’t overlook a thing.

Gather Documents

Organize all employee’s documents in one place.

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