7 Process templates to help manage your company

As you may probably already know, one of the greatest things about Pipefy is that it allows you to manage all your company’s processes in a single platform. This helps you and your team make the best out of your time and resources.

What you may not know yet is that Pipefy offers you a ton of pre-designed process templates. They were developed based on a lot of research and the market’s best practices to help inspire you to structure your own processes.

Even though these process templates already come with a few standard phases and fields, you’re free to customize everything you want about them to make them suit your processes perfectly.

In order to help you get to know these templates we’ve compiled a list with some of our top downloaded process templates that’ll surely be very useful, specially if you’re taking your first steps in process management.

7 templates to boost the way you manage your company

Team Task Management

All companies have one or more teams and, within those teams, are tasks that need to be properly managed so that the manager is always aware of what each of its team members is doing, as well as the team members always know what’s expected of them/what are their responsibilities.

High performance teams focus on the most important things and executing them, no matter the circumstances.This process template helps manage your team’s tasks better by prioritizing them and assigning them to the people responsible for them.

That way you’ll always know what are the priorities, what’s on time, what’s late and what are the bottlenecks of your process.

Purchase Process and Accounts Payable

Every company needs to purchase things from time to time – whether it’s office supplies or raw material to develop your final product is not important. What’s important is having a simple, efficient workflow that allows you to centralize the purchase requisitions made by all your company’s teams.

Pipefy’s Purchase Process template has a linear view that allows procurement teams to accompany all phases of the purchase process: from opening the request, passing through approvals and quotations and ending when the products are received and verified properly.

To make your control even more effective you can use a pipe connection to integrate your purchase and accounts payable processes, ensuring a centralized and integrated channel for all your payment requests and making your financial department’s life a lot easier.

Sales Pipeline and Accounts Receivable

If you’re in the business of selling things – whether it’s products or services it’s not particularly important – you should manage your company’s sales pipeline.

Pipefy’s Sales Pipeline Template is a step-by-step process specially developed to enhance your team’s focus and productivity. It’ll guide them through all the steps of the sale: from prospecting, to properly qualifying hot and cold opportunities all the way to effectively closing the deal.

Instead of resorting to fragile spreadsheets or complex and expensive CRM systems you can install this simple and intuitive process template to run your sales pipeline smoothly and without any concerns. Your sales pipeline probably – and inevitably – has a phase in which you’ll charge your customers for the products/services provided. At this point, it’s recommended you create yet another pipe connection with an accounts receivable process. That way you’ll ensure your company has a single standardized channel so your sales teams may request invoices to be charged.

Expense Reimbursement

Did you ever have to reimburse your employee’s travel expenses and got lost among complex reports and piles of receipts? Well, with this expense reimbursement process template that’ll no longer be a problem.

This template was specially designed to simplify your team’s expense reporting. It centralizes all the information and helps your company’s teams coordinate their reimbursements.

Using Pipefy to manage your expense reports and reimbursements will make life a lot easier: reimbursement requests can be easily opened with all the information necessary for their appropriate treatment and they’re centralized in one place.

Customer Helpdesk

Again, it doesn’t matter what it is that you provide your customers with, it’s essential for any company to have a direct channel through which customers can request support, ask questions or even open requisitions.

With this customer helpdesk template you can centralize all your customer requests in a single channel, leaving you free to focus on delivering the best customer service.

Managing your customer tickets will be a lot easier with this template: make your pipe’s start form available publicly (through a public URL or embedding it on your help page) or even setup your pipe’s email inbox so that your customers can send emails to open tickets.

Written by
Isabelle Wuilleumier Salemme
Head of Customer Support @Pipefy. She uses her extensive Pipefy knowledge to help users make the best of Pipefy via support and writing informative content pieces. Besides being in charge of support, she's an avid reader, a coffee lover, and a professional photographer.

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