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Pipefy’s Customer Needs template was created to help identify what are the customer’s needs which may be preventing their evolution, causing lost revenue and/or clients. With this template, you can identify the needs and effectively offer a solution, generating value for the client.

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Template structure

See how this template is structured. As this is just an example, you can customize it.

Start form

  • 1. Company

  • 2. Customer's contact name

  • 3. Customer's contact email

  • 4. Customer's contact phone

  • 5. Priority

  • 6. ID

Customer Analysis

Customers to be analyzed.

  • 1. What are the customer's pain points?

  • 2. What are the consequences of these pain points?

    • Loss of revenue
    • Loss of clients
    • Waste of growth potential
    • Slow decision making
  • 3. Other consequences

  • 4. Is it possible to quantify the amount of revenue lost by not solving these problems?

Decision makers

Analyze the decisions and factors that impact the satisfaction of the customers.

  • 1. Decision maker title

  • 2. Is this job title accessible?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Yes, with some difficulty
  • 3. How close are we to the decision maker?

    • Already in contact
    • Close to contact
    • Not in contact
    • Far

Sale information

Solving the customer’s problems!

  • 1. What are the main pain points that need to be targeted in order to satisfy the customer's needs?

  • 2. What is the propensity to buy?

    • Very likely
    • Likely
    • Unlikely
  • 3. Which of these are the key motivators for the customer purchase.

    • Price
    • Brand
    • Benefits
    • Product quality
    • Customer Support
    • Warranty

Customer Needs identified

Successfully identified the customer needs!

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