International Travel Request


Manage all of your company’s international travel requests. In this single streamlined workflow, you’ll be able to organize requests, flight and hotel bookings, approvals and additional details such as expenses reimbursements and travel budget.

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Template structure

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Start form

  1. Requester name
  2. Requester email
  3. Requesting department
    • Human Resources
    • IT & Engineering
    • Logistics
    • Operations
  4. Departure date
  5. Return date
  6. Destination
  7. Purpose of the trip
  8. Approver
  9. Approver’s email

Information analysis

  1. Information check
    • Lead time before travel date is correct
    • All of the information provided is correct
  2. If there is any information missing or the request was not approved, please describe the reasons here.
  3. Assigned travel manager

Informationg missing – awaiting reply

  1. Was the request corrected?
    • Yes
  2. Additional information

Manager approval

  1. Approval
    • Approved
  2. Changes applied

Passaport and visa check

  1. Passport check
    • All passports are correct
  2. Visa check
    • Visa is correct
  3. Visa application required
    • Visa application required
    • No visa required
  4. Visa status

Flight booking

  1. Departure date and time
  2. Arrival date and time
  3. Airport
  4. Flight number
  5. Departure date and time
  6. Arrival date and time
  7. Airport
  8. Flight number

Flight approval

  1. Was the flight approved?
    • Yes
    • No

Other booking

  1. Checklist
    • Book hotel
    • Purchase health insurance
    • Assign reimbursement cards
    • Activate reimbursement cards
    • Request travel stipend
    • Arrange travel phone to travelers
    • Activate new sim card for travelers
  2. Hotel information
  3. Amount of travel cash alocated
  4. Total travel expenses
  5. Return date

Hand items to traveler

  1. Were the items handed to the traveler?
    • Yes

Retrieve items

  1. Objects retrieved
    • Yes


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