Podcast Publishing


It´s important to get organized before starting to produce your podcast content. Now with Pipefy´s Podcast Publishing template you can keep track of the workflow and deadlines. Also organizing your tasks and making sure all the steps are followed.

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Template structure

See how this template is structured. As this is just an example, you can customize it.

Start form

  1. Requester
  2. Requester´s email
  3. What´s podcast’s purpose
  4. When should the podcast be posted?
  5. Urgency
  6. Attach any important material
  7. Comments and Benchmarks


  1. Checklist
    • Listen to similar podcasts
    • Know about your guests
    • Prepare your notes
    • Write a script
  2. Attach the script
  3. Approver & Corrector

Approval & Correction

Setting up & Recording


  1. Prepare the post
    • Prepare transcript
    • Prepare images
    • Post info
  2. Publishing
    • Submit the podcast to directories
    • Submit to YouTube
    • Promote the podcast
    • Keep track of the statistics



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