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Find out how POSmídia, an innovative targeted media company unified all their processes in order to expand nationally in an organized way

Using Pipefy made very clear what needs to be executed so we can plan our time better. To many of our areas, the process became a lot clearer, as well as improving the communication between different areas.

POSmídia is a targeted media company founded 5 years ago by brothers Frederico and Felipe. The company specializes in producing targeted media focused on the audience – their goal is to showcase subjects of interest to their target audience directly where the audience is, such as beauty salons and corporate environments.

They currently have their own team, responsible for writing, design and animation in order to create exclusive, customized content for each place they’re displayed at.

Acting on 3 different communication branches, POSmídia is currently present in over 100 displays, reaching an audience of around 1 million people every year.

When we started expanding our operation, some brands asked us to operate on other parts of the country – in order to do that, we needed to formalize our processes and find a tool that allowed us to do that.

POSmídia and Pipefy:

As the business began to grow and POSmídia received investments towards expanding to other markets, they soon realised their internal processes were lacking structure and organization. They also realised that they needed a tool that allowed them to integrate all of their processes in the same place.

According to Frederico Naspolini Viante, one of POSmidia’s founders, “we needed to connect several areas of the company: sales to finances, design and content, so we used Pipefy to unify our processes working towards national expansion.”

Pipefy came into the picture as exactly what POSmídia was looking for to make their organized expansion possible. Before Pipefy, their internal organization and communication was all too informal, based on email threads, spreadsheets and bulletin boards on the walls.

Before using Pipefy, our processes were entirely based on email threads, notes, post-its and, from the moment we’ve decided to expand our operation, we needed a tool to help manage our processes and internal communication.

They had serious issues with such informal communication: information got constantly lost, jobs were pushed aside and forgotten without anyone taking responsibility for it. People at POSmídia had a hard time determining priorities, planning ahead and communicating between different areas of the company.

Since we relied mostly on informal communication, sometimes a couple of jobs went by unnoticed and we lost the information. Using Pipefy made very clear what needs to be executed so we can plan our time better. To many of our areas, the process became a lot clearer, as well as improving the communication between different areas.

How this success story started…

Pipefy came into the picture when POSmídia founders set their minds on expanding across the country and figured out that, in order to do that, they needed to be better organized. They’ve experimented with a couple of tools, focused on managing sales processes, but left them aside for none offered the level of integration between processes they were looking for.

The relationship between the company and Pipefy started with their sales pipeline management – the one process responsible for setting all other processes in motion. When each sale is finalized, 3 connected cards are created: billing/accounts receivable, design and marketing, responsible for creating the material requested by the advertiser.

Pipefy allowed POSmídia to integrate all their processes, ensuring everything is connected and everyone can keep track of all their tasks and responsibilities.

Implementing Pipefy took a little over a week and, even though they mapped and created all of their processes, they claim that they’re constantly adapting them:

That’s one of Pipefy’s greatest asset, implementing changes really fast […]. Companies can’t be constrained and, even though processes are great for standardizing things, there’s always room for improvement, that’s why it’s important to keep track of them and implement them fast.

Pipefy is responsible for great improvements on POSmídia’s sales management – having an overall vision of the process made it a lot easier for them to control the request’s priorities and delegate tasks among departments.

  • Interviewee: Frederico Naspolini Viante, Founder
  • Company based in: Curitiba, Brazil
  • Using Pipefy since: January, 2016

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