How Colaboradores cut their registration lead time in half with Pipefy

Benefit and corporate partnership company

Even after just one month using Pipefy, we’ve managed to cut in half the time we took to finish the process.”

Colaboradores is an online platform for managing company agreements and partnerships for its employees. Its main focus is to make it possible for companies to offer more benefits to their employees without having to spend too much time searching for competitive benefits (such as gyms, language schools, etc.).

Colaboradores is focused on selling benefits that make the employee’s salary last longer (and they also have the option of suggesting establishments where they wish to have discounted rates).

They started using Pipefy when they were serving around 3000 employees. Now, they’re serving 50 thousand and predict they’ll offer benefits to over 100 thousand people. According to Rodrigo Yoshimoto, Growth Hacking Specialist at Colaboradores: “Pipefy came at a crucial time – we went from 3 to 50 thousand users. If every one of those users suggests a new company for a partnership it would create a managerial chaos. Therefore, we needed a tool that allowed us to maintain and visualize our current scenario.”

Before Pipefy, those partnership suggestions were managed using email threads that triggered a series of tasks on their back office – those were all managed using online spreadsheets.

Now, every time someone opens a new suggestion, it creates a card for the establishment’s registration. Rodrigo also points out that they needed a system that allowed them to send feedback to both the user that suggested and the company being registered in an automated, scalable way.

Colaboradores and Pipefy

With the email templates, he can send automated messages saving time and making the process more efficient.”

Before using Pipefy, Colaboradores faced a serious trouble with their process visibility and keeping track of their tasks. With their growing flow of information, email threads and spreadsheets weren’t cutting it for their needs anymore.

They were on the market for a tool that allowed them to know where the companies that needed to be registered were and offered them a way to measure this process.

“One of our biggest pains in the registration process was continuity: we had a hard time visualising the registration stage each new partner was. People spent more time evaluating what they needed to do regarding the registrations than actually doing it.”

Reports and email templatesare the most important Pipefy features in Colaboradores’ routine. They get in touch with a lot of people during the process, which resulted in a lot of time lost sending emails. With Pipefy’s Email Templates dynamic content fields, they send out communications even more often than before while saving time.

“We get in touch with the people requesting the partnerships often. The analyst in charge of this stage lost a lot of time sending out emails. With the email templates, he can send automated messages saving time and making te process more efficient. We eliminated the need of sending reports to our users: our communication is now connected to the process’ phases.”

Rodrigo pointed out that the dynamic content fields allowed them to create customized emails, making their interactions friendlier and more personal.

How this success story started…

After just one month using Pipefy, we’ve managed to reduce it to 30 days – 50% of the time we took to finish the process.”

The efficiency of their registration process increased drastically with Pipefy. They managed to create more communication benchmarks along the process’ steps to let the users know everything that needs to be done.

Before Pipefy, they didn’t have defined, trackable metrics – now, their workflow is a lot more complete and, even though it has more phases, it gets finished a lot faster.

“Every time we started offering the benefits at a new company, we received a huge number of new establishment indications from the employees. One of our metrics was to finish all those indications within 60 days. After just one month using Pipefy, we’ve managed to reduce it to 30 days – 50% of the time we took to finish the process.”

Implementing Pipefy took around 2 weeks – they’ve structured all their processes and keep on improving and changing them according to their needs. Once they began the operations, they’ve realised improvement opportunities.

  • Interviewee: Rodrigo Yoshimoto, Growth Hacking Specialist
  • Company based in: São Paulo, Brazil
  • Using Pipefy since: February, 2016