How B2B promotional gift company Marca Laser improved their production controls with Pipefy

Marca Laser

Marca Laser is a company that operates in the promotional gifts market. It’s a highly known B2B operation, renowned in its market for its products quality and reliability. They’re currently expanding their operations with a B2C e-commerce.


As soon as I looked at Pipefy I knew we could use it to organize and improve our manufacturing processes.”

The company has their own their own factory in which they manufacture their products and they had the need for better control of their product orders. Before Pipefy, Marca Laser relied solely on online spreadsheets to control their orders and that have them a few headaches due to errors in information update and storage.

They got to know Pipefy by word of mouth and have been using it since December 2015 to improve their manufacturing order control. They’ve tested it for a short period of time and considered it to be a huge success. According to Henrique Martins, E-commerce Manager:

“We needed to organize the way the orders circulate through the different production areas. We’ve controlled it before using online spreadsheets but that gave us a few problems with lost and unsaved information, besides being really slow. I was introduced to Pipefy by a friend and, as soon as I looked at it I knew we could use it to organize our manufacturing process.”

Henrique points out that their commercial manager, responsible for interacting directly with their customers, had a lot of work each time a customer called asking about the order status. When they used spreadsheets, it wasn’t always easy to find the information she needed so she had to personally go to the factory to check up on it.

“With Pipefy, our commercial manager can easily know each order status by simply opening the Pipe and checking which phase the order card is at.”

Marca Laser and Pipefy

With Pipefy, our commercial manager can easily know each order status by simply opening the Pipe and checking which phase the order card is at.”

Before they’ve started using Pipefy, Marca Laser’s efficiency was threatened by the lack of agility on the online spreadsheets they’ve used. Opening the spreadsheet in itself took precious time away from them.

Also, due to the fact that they sometimes had many people accessing and altering the information at the same time, some information got lost without being saved.

The interface of the system they used wasn’t very friendly or visual and they didn’t have the option of defining mandatory fields for the information to be input in.

Creating the product order is the beginning of their process – there are 6 people on their staff responsible for the orders. After the sale is a done deal, they have a registration phase in which all pertinent information related to the order is filled up by the commercial department.

After that, orders go to the art department to control the layout, colors and everything else related to the customization of the products. Once the art responsible agrees on it, the order goes to the stock department where the amount of sold products is separated and checked for quality.

The last few phases of their commercial process include customization, quality control, billing and delivery/transportation. All of those phases are now properly controlled and monitored using Pipefy – all of the professionals involved in the different stages of the process can now easily identify each order’s status.

How this success story started…

When we first implemented it, we’ve identified many improvement opportunities that were gradually applied to the process.”

According to Henrique, Pipefy’s customization options were essential to Marca Laser’s decision on adopting it: they needed a system that was flexible and could be adapted to the company’s needs.

“The main reason we chose Pipefy was its flexibility. The possibility of customizing phases and the fields inside the phases according to our needs was fundamental to us. Besides that, being able to quickly and easily modify the process was great. When we first implemented it, we’ve identified many improvement opportunities that were gradually applied to the process.”

Implementing Pipefy on Marca Laser was a walk in the park: the administrator had knowledge on previous experiences with bulkier and complex process management solutions but, according to the e-commerce manager, Pipefy’s settings are very self explanatory and intuitive.

Pipefy’s email template feature is essential for internal communications within their teams: with them, they can automatically let the next person in charge for the order know the ball is in their court and they need to act on it.

Henrique mentions that they’ve gained a lot of agility with Pipefy: it became a lot easier to solve problems, quickly identify bottlenecks, internal demand management and calculate their productive capacity.

Running their processes on Pipefy made it easier for Marca Laser to extract data from their processes and get project management insights.

“Once our order volume increases, there are more orders coming in and we have less and less space for mistakes: Pipefy really helps us be more productive while preventing mistakes.”

  • Interviewee: Henrique Martins, E-commerce Manager
  • Company based in: Curitiba, Brazil
  • Using Pipefy since: December, 2015