How Accenture manages 2500 unique real-estate processes in Pipefy

Learn how Accenture improves process control without IT or code, boosts productivity, and ensures quality customer interactions by using Pipefy’s platform.

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“The main difference of Pipefy is that it’s self-programming, self-formatting. You, as the user, do not depend on IT to develop and implement what you need.”

Rafael Malvão, Coordinator at Accenture


Finding the right tool to manage complex real-estate processes and timely follow-up management.


Pipefy’s platform enables Rafael’s teams at Accenture to easily build custom and scalable processes without IT or infrastructure.


• Have complete transparency and control of processes for reduced operational risks.

• Scale workflow processes without relying on IT development or implementation.

• Ensure quality follow-ups for every regulation process with advanced SLA tracking.

How Accenture manages 2500 unique real-estate processes in Pipefy

Accenture, a Fortune Global 500 company, is one of the largest consulting firms in the world. Currently, the company serves customers in over 120 countries and has made 14 consecutive appearances in Fortune’s “World’s Most Admired Companies” list.

As part of the company’s outsourcing services, Accenture offers real-estate property regulation. The real-estate regulation process can take anywhere from roughly 8 months to 8 years. Currently, the company manages nearly 2500 unique real-estates processes and communications with six different company contractors that support those processes.

According to Rafael Malvão, a Coordinator at Accenture, real-estate management was compiled into “a spreadsheet with more than 2000 rows and 150 columns.”

Information was regularly altered, lost, or “available only to one user… [Our team] had no control, and had to hope that the person who received the information would pass it on effectively so that we could to proceed with the process.”

Rafael and his team were on the lookout for a software or management tool that could control these complex real-estate processes and reduce operational risks.

“The moment we were presented Pipefy, it was clear how easy it was to customize each pipe the way we needed. That capacity was critical and essential to why we chose Pipefy.”

Mastering complex processes with a scalable platform

Using Pipefy, Rafael’s team is able to create, control, and customize complex processes. Rafael describes, “Today we have an organization with over 28 pipes. Property regulation is a very complex process especially because it must consider municipal and state legislation.”

With Pipefy, the company can create unique process pipes to manage various real-estate regulation processes. The property regulation team can better keep track of and control complex processes with greater efficiency and transparency than their previous spreadsheet management methods.

“When you have an online tool that is capable of managing these complex processes, information is easily accessible [and]… Management becomes much more transparent.”

Rafael and his team can easily access shared information, reducing operational risks and ending the use of inaccurate or outdated data. Processes can run smoothly, and users and clients can rely on the information given to them.

Easily build custom processes without IT involvement

Rafael expresses that Pipefy’s no-code set-up, ease of use, and effortless customization is what differentiates the product from the rest.

Within about two training sessions of 2-3 hours total, Rafael and his team understood the Pipefy methodology and Rafael was able to “develop and create the 28 pipes in [the] organization.”

To Rafael, it was clear that Pipefy’s effortless customization is what made it viable for Accenture’s complex process management needs. He expresses that “the tool is self-taught…once you start using it, you understand how it works.”

“You are ‘the programmer of the tool.’ You can request the information you want or need without having to open-up an IT request and wait for a service SLA.”

No IT involvement is needed because the user is the programmer. Users can easily create and run processes on Pipefy’s intuitive platform, no matter how complex. Pipefy’s no-code platform is what enabled Rafael to build several unique processes in a timely manner and without relying on IT.


“The tool is self-taught…once you start using it, you understand how it works.”

Saving time and boosting productivity with SLA tracking

High-quality follow-ups and frequent status updates are essential parts of Accenture’s real-estate regulation process.

“Our processes are not all the same and each property takes a different amount of time. The time from the initial protocol to the actual regulation of a property can take 8 months or it can take 8 years. Our goal is not to measure the total elapsed time but keep track of the follow-up response time and analyze how long the activity stood idle.”

Although processes can take up to eight years to complete, Rafael and his team ensure that quality follow-ups are made by measuring response times in Pipefy.

“Being able to measure follow-up response times and keep track of company contractors was a huge benefit for us. With Pipefy, we can measure and analyze each team’s productivity…and [allow our customer to] view each property’s regulation status without having to get in touch with us for a status update.”

Rafael expresses that by using Pipefy they have “made major improvements in productivity.” Clients no longer need to call-in and request a status update. They can access the platform and view the status on their own. With Pipefy, Rafael’s team was able to boost overall productivity, ensure quality follow-ups, and save time on status update requests.

In conclusion, the real-estate regulation team at Accenture was able to easily build scalable processes without IT, reduce operational risks with universally accessible data, and improve overall productivity. Rafael’s team can provide better quality follow-ups and clients can take advantage of being able to view status updates on their own.

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