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Find out how Beauty Date, the revolutionary SaaS for beauty salons, solved its problems with accountability and quality of execution with Pipefy.

“Pipefy allows us to increase the process’ complexity as it becomes necessary. You establish an initial outline of what the team already does and then add details to it to make it more complete, deeper, so the changes are incorporated gradually into our routine.”

Beauty Date is a fast growing company. Their main products are a specialized SAAS for beauty salons and an app that allows customers to schedule their appointments online. These products have been on the market since October/2015 and have grown impressively since.

Their head office is in Curitiba, a city in the south of Brazil, where a team of 80 people divided in many different teams (sales, marketing, software development, etc.) currently work.

Beauty Date and Pipefy:

Before Pipefy came into their lives, the employees at Beauty Date had a hard time tracking their demands and ensuring accountability of their tasks. They relied on online documents and mind mapping tools to keep track of everything and this combination wasn’t presenting the results they expected.

“We had many untracked demands, people went to each other directly, sent emails or slack messages, asking for something to be done. We didn’t have any control over what was asked or how it would get done, what was a priority and the standards of execution each task should follow.”

Finding themselves constantly tangled in a mix of online docs, chats and email threads, they were searching for a solution that allowed them to track all their activities in one place, while ensuring they were all prioritized and accounted for. Lucas Lupatini, a member of Beauty Date’s growth team, points out that even though they had a small team of two designers, not having a standard of execution ended up with each one doing things their way. After the team started growing “we found out we needed to onboard new team members quickly, in an organized manner, following execution standards”.

Even though they treated Pipefy as a project management tool at first, now they rely on it to manage most of their processesmarketing requestscontent marketing, email marketing, product roadmap, among many others


Before using Pipefy, these processes brought on recurring problems, such as “crossed tasks” (hence the accountability issues), low level of control over the activities and low quality of execution on those same tasks.

How this success story started…

This success story started when Beauty Date’s founders were first introduced, by Pipefy’s CEO Alessio Alionço, to our revolutionary approach to process management. Despite having used other solutions, from software development specific products to simple task managers, they found in Pipefy the amount of control their processes were lacking.

The amount of customization allowed by Pipefy is one of the things Beauty Date values the most: they use a few of the pre-existent process templates, but being able to tailor each process to their needs really made the difference. They even integrate a form on their landing page using the public form feature – that way, every time a customer fills in a form, a new card is created directly on their pipe.

Pipefy made Beauty Date a lot more organized: with it, all their processes are duly mapped and each new task gets prioritized and assigned to whoever is in charge of it. These aspects make it a lot easier to introduce their processes to new team members – a great positive point, considering their team is growing at a fast pace and their onboarding used to take a lot longer.

“Our process is a lot better in terms of organization: we know everything we have to do since all things are mapped out and prioritized within the pipes. We spend a lot less time explaining the processes to new team members and, as we’re growing fast, that really helps save a lot of time.”

Ever since they centralized all their processes on Pipefy, they were able to reduce their response time and increase employee’s productivity – people move on from one task to the other without losing focus. Beauty date observed improvements on their lead time with the use of Pipefy, as well as an increase on the number of demands they can deliver per week, proving once again how much it impacted on their efficiency.

Pipefy has allowed Beauty Date to create and manage their own processes increasing the complexity level as it became necessary – as it was said before, customization was a key factor when opting for Pipefy.

“Pipefy allows us to increase the process’ complexity as it becomes necessary with time. You establish an initial outline of what the team already does and then add details to it to make it more complete, deeper, so the changes are incorporated gradually into our routine.”

Pipefy’s implementation on Beauty Date took between 2 and 3 weeks from the time it was first introduced until everyone became used to using it on all their processes.

  • Interviewee: Lucas Lupatini, Growth Analyst
  • Company based in: Curitiba, Brazil
  • Using Pipefy since: October, 2014

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