How Wipro cut process modeling and design time by 95%

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“The typical lifecycle for a product is four months in terms of design… Pipefy modeled a workflow in a matter of 15 to 20 minutes.”

Aditya Sengupta, Transformation Team at Wipro


Finding a management tool with a fast turnaround time, accurate metric tracking, and scalable framework.


Pipefy enables Wipro employees to create custom processes in a matter of weeks, accurately track SLAs, and easily build-on or reconfigure complex processes.

  • Pipefy’s intuitive platform cuts down process design to a matter of minutes, enabling fast deploy.
  • Workflows can be easily re-engineered to fit the evolving pace of enterprise processes.
  • The agility of Pipefy’s processes streamlines productivity and promotes independent users.

How Wipro cut process modeling and design time by 95%:

Wipro is a leading global information technology, consulting and business process services company that has over 170,000 employees across 6 continents. Wipro delivers comprehensive IT solutions and services, including Systems Integration, Consulting, Information Systems outsourcing, IT-enabled services, R&D services.


Wipro headquarters in Bengaluru

Aditya Sengupta is part of the Transformation Team at Wipro, that is responsible for selecting new technologies, implementing them and driving adoption across organizations.

Aditya and his team were on the lookout for a process management tool with a fast turnaround time, accurate data tracking, and scalable framework that would improve overall productivity.

Drawing from experience, Aditya describes a typical lifecycle of a product as sitting down to design a workflow, programming it in a particular software, and “then you’ll get to see the framework in a couple of months and the actual product in another couple.” The first demo revealed how Aditya could cut down design time from what was a matter of months to minutes.

“I have been working on workflows and case management tools for eight years, and the typical lifecycle for a product is four months in terms of design… Pipefy modeled a workflowin a matter of 15 to 20 minutes.

Modeling workflows in Pipefy reduced the process development and design time by nearly 95%.

Easily build agile standard processes

Being part of a department that services several corporate verticals, Aditya expresses the company needs to be able to establish standard, modelable processes. Not only that, but to be able to re-engineer these processes to fit ever-evolving company needs.

“My process keeps changing, metrics keep changing, the way of tracking keeps changing. My workflow has to be agile enough to adapt to all these changes.”

Aditya expresses that with “other products we have to rely heavily on a person to engineer or re-engineer the steps, who would either own the tool or is probably in the maintenance and support of the particular application.” However, in contrast:

“With Pipefy, we saw that we can make our own workflow, or we can build a workflow as we go. You do not have to rely upon a third party or a support team to build a workflow or a report.”

Furthermore, Aditya expresses this agility enables Wipro employees to be less dependent on technical support to accomplish tasks–streamlining productivity and promoting independent users.

The importance of tracking SLAs, activities, and metrics

Using a typical accounting example, Aditya explains why tracking both metrics and service-level-agreements were decisive features for Wipro:

“If you cannot close the books by workday ten or workday twelve, and settle everything then it probably might mean the finances of your organization are taking a hit and that can cascade to a late payment or some imbalance in your financial accounts.”

With Pipefy, Wipro employees can set-up alerts for certain pipes and the task at hand, “We can keep track of what has happened or when a particular activity is due…which has helped us to keep things on track.”

Metrics and SLA tracking work conjointly to ensure a process is flowing. Aditya explains he hopes these tracking capabilities will continue to help the company keep things on track and on top of service-level-agreements.

Saving valuable time

Using Pipefy as their processing platform, Wipro was able to cut their implementation time by 50%.

Aditya explains that other products may take “up to about 24 to 30 weeks” but with Pipefy “we definitely have saved like three to four months on implementation. That would be about 16 weeks.” Considering the typical implementation timeline of other processing platforms, Pipefy’s platform is built to save time and deploy fast.

In conclusion, Aditya and his Transformation Team at Wipro found in Pipefy a processing tool with an impeccable turnaround time, powerful tracking tools, and scalability to save the company time.

Decrease your turn around time with Pipefy

Get your company a processing tool with a impeccable turnaround time, powerful tracking tools, and scalability to save the company time.