Find out how the proeminent startup Olist restructured their Customer Success Processes with Pipefy

Using Pipefy we’re able to visualize our entire process as a whole as well as zoom in where we wish to. Because of that, we were able to identify our and our users’ bottlenecks in order to achieve a common goal.

Olist is a company focused on uncomplicating business’ growth by connecting smaller businesses to big marketplaces. Not only do they help their customers’ business grow, they also help them actually manage them.

The company is not a newcomer to the e-commerce segment – the business’ current structure is a reflection of a decade working with supporting small and medium companies get more customers. Most of that expertise was inherited from Solidarium, a company created in 2007 with the goal of becoming the largest craftsman marketplace in Brazil.

After realising how the difficulty of reaching out to the large retail chains in Brazil wasn’t a problem just for craftsman, Tiago Dalvi founded Olist in 2015 with the goal of helping each and every shopkeeper reach out to the best and largest national and international marketplaces. From then on, their team has expanded to the 60 employees they have today.

customer case study olist

The company’s commitment is directly connected to structuring a solid business, focused on service excellence towards shopkeepers and end consumers. To do that, Olist bet all their chips on a sustainable business model that’s fair to all those involved.

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Olist’s relevancy and viability is known worldwide – they were a part of 500 Startups Acceleration program (just as Pipefy) and received investments from many funds, such as RedPoint Ventures.

They currently have an entire area dedicated to customer onboarding. It focus on teaching their customers to thoroughly understand what Olist is and what it does. In order to grow, it’s essential that the user has the necessary knowledge of the platform and their business.

There were 3 main reasons why Olist started using Pipefy: first of all, they were investing on a tool that wasn’t giving them the expected results and automation possibilities.

Second, they needed a tool that allowed them to visualize the entire process transparently, identifying bottlenecks, critical difficulties and improvement points and third Olist’s founder and CEO, Tiago is friends with Pipefy’s founder and CEO, Alessio Alionço.

Bianca Estevao

The tool we’ve been using before wasn’t reaching the results we expected when it comes to following up, results and process automation. If we needed to check out what was the cumulative situation or filtering our database by month or what phase of the process each client was at, I couldn’t do that easily. We had a very hard time identifying difficulties and bottlenecks.

Bianca Estevao CSM

Olist and Pipefy:

customer case study olist

Before they started using Pipefy, Olist was using a CSM Specific software (Clientsuccess) and they were facing the aforementioned problems with their processes.

At Olist, before kicking off their client success process, they used to offer an “entry consultancy” in which they explained everything the customers could do with Olist as well as answered any questions they had.

They were facing the need to be more proactive so they’ve kicked off their Client Success process. They could make the dream of restructuring the area come true and, with Pipefy, they were able to restructure the area even further.

Pipefy gave the Client Success area the resources they needed to grow internally and become an internal reference for all other teams.

Bianca Estevao

Using Pipefy we’re able to visualize our entire process as a whole as well as zoom in where we wish to. Because of that, we were able to identify our and our users’ bottlenecks in order to achieve a common goal.

Bianca Estevao CSM

As mentioned above, their process lacked visibility, they couldn’t keep proper track of all users. Now they’re able to identify the bottlenecks and keep track of the user all through their process.

Natália Belloli

We’ve came to a point when we had a huge amount of accounts and our process wasn’t working. We couldn’t talk to everyone so we’ve decided to change. We felt blind, we needed to show the onboarding area’s numbers and metrics in order to grow in an organized manner

Natália Belloli CSM

How this success story started

Olist’s Customer Success team came to a moment where they had a huge amount of incoming new customers and they just couldn’t handle them all. They didn’t feel safe managing the area.

They didn’t even give any other tools a try – they knew what they were looking for and that Pipefy would cater to those needs.

It took them around 2 weeks to initially structure their CS processes and they’ve been continuously improving them ever since.

Bianca Estevao

It’s very important to us that we can change the process as we need. We notice improvement opportunities along the way and we take and test them.

Bianca Estevao CSM

We use email templates all the time. Our entire user communication is automated using this feature. We also use Pipefy’s Reports on a daily basis – this feature allows us to extract weekly reports to analyse our data and metrics.

One of the most important benefits Pipefy gave Olist was clarifying their CSM process in numbers. It also made a lot clearer to identify bottlenecks, problems originating both from the tool and the users, defining goals and visualizing the entire process to analise how they could automate it.

Pipefy also made it possible for the CSM team to demonstrate their evolution in numbers for the whole company to see. They’re now able to predict all the resources they’ll need along the way.

Bianca Estevao

One of the main changes brought on by Pipefy was the ability of clearly expressing our process in numbers. Showing what happens on each phase of the process, what were our bottlenecks, etc. Identifying the bottlenecks was crucial for automating tasks and saving time.

Bianca Estevao CSM

Both the interviewees affirmed that the area productivity has definitely improved – a lot! Now they’re able to identify where they need to act and the necessary degree of attention each issue demands. Previously they couldn’t back their decisions up with numbers, now they can measure how much time they take on each customer, what activities they went through and much more.

Natália Belloli

We run approximately 90% of our processes on Pipefy. We can really identify where we need to act and what actions demand more attention. Before Pipefy we couldn’t measure anything because we didn’t have a structured workflow. 

Natália Belloli CSM

Bianca wraps up by saying that:

Now we have a routine – we have all the numbers to back us up and give us safety to plan and grow our team. To us, that’s definitely a 100% improvement.

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