Aircrew Assignment


Pipefy’s Aircrew Assignment Template was designed to help you manage and keep record of air crew activities and all communication involved. With this process, you will be able to effectively do confirmations, perform assignments, manage aircrew, and improve results.

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Aircrew Assignment

  1. Flight number
  2. Type
  3. Aircraft
  4. Flight date and time
  5. Departure airport
  6. Departure gate
  7. Arrival airport
  8. Hours of flight
  9. Primary team
  10. Pilots
  11. Co-pilots
  12. Cabin Service Director
  13. Flight Attendants
  14. Backup team
  15. Backup Pilots
  16. Backup Co-pilots
  17. Backup Cabin Service Director
  18. Backup Flight Attendants
  19. Confirmations deadline


  1. Confirmations


  1. Backups
  2. Alternate Crew
  3. Alternate Pilot
  4. Alternate Co-pilot
  5. Alternate Cabin Service Director
  6. Alternate Flight Attendants

Flight Completed

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