Expatriation Process


Pipefy’s Employee Expatriation Process is designed for multinational companies that want to manage the expatriation process of their employees that will be sent to other countries.

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Template structure

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Start form

  1. Employee
  2. Phone
  3. Email
  4. Department
  5. Function
  6. Expat’s destination
  7. Reason for expatriation
  8. Will the employee go alone or with their family?
  9. Requester


  1. Request the approval from each area.
    • HR area
    • Finance area
    • Operations
    • Head of the employee’s area
  2. Has everyone involved approved the request?
    • Yes
    • No
  3. Has the employee accepted the offer?
    • Yes
    • No
  4. If all the conditions above are favorable:
    • Move card to the next phase.

Visa request

  1. Checklist
    • Check the country’s visa application procedures.
  2. Documents gathering
    • Identification documents
    • Work card
    • Foreigner company documents
    • 3×4 photo
    • Pay the fee
  3. Schedule the visa interview.
  4. Has the employee been granted the visa?
    • Yes
    • No (archive the process)


  1. Employee’s manager abroad
  2. Away period
    • Less than 2 years
    • 2 years or more
  3. In case the employee is to be away for more than 2 years:
    • Draft a new contract according to the foreigner country’s legislation.
  4. New job title
  5. Agreed wage
  6. Employee’s new contract

Transfer process

  1. Transfer benefits
    • Allocation help
    • Travel tickets payment
    • Kids’ school search
  2. Transfer details
  3. Schedule transfer date.
  4. Did everything go as planned?
    • Yes
    • No



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